Sun kissed skin

I’m so feeling this heat, it’s doing wonders for my skin. My skin looks and feels smoother than usual. I can see and feel the natural oils nourishing my skin. Why can’t the weather be like this always? Ahh well, I will enjoying it whilst it last.

Regardless of how amazing it makes my skin feel, I don’t think I can take this heat for much longer. If only it could be nice and warm, not HOT! Warm, with a nice cool breeze all year round, instead  it’s always either extremely hot or extremely cold, and  my poor skin feels and shows the effects of the weather, it as you might say wear its emotions on its sleeves.

Since  we have been surprised with the warmth of the sun, my skin and I will soak up as much nutrition form the sun as possible, and hopefully we’ll be able to retain it through out the winter.

My number one tip for a natural, beautiful smooth skin is a healthy dose of all natural sun and plenty of water for hydration, and  it’s all free, no high-priced bottles just get some sun lovin’. 😉

Enjoy. I wish your skin a healthy beautiful glow 😉

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