Happy Birthday Grandma!


This is long overdue, if you read Elliott’s post “Busted Laptop Charger” you will know we have been without a laptop in our home for a month. It’s crazy how we have three laptops in the house, and all of them keeled over on us AT THE SAME TIME, it’s like someone out there doesn’t want us on the Internet. eeehhsh.

I digress…anyway, this post is a dedication to my wonderful, most awesomest mum, and fantastic grandmother, who had her birthday a few weeks ago on the 24th of June.

This is to say…

I wont say how old she is, a lady never tells, besides, you wouldn’t believe me.

                                                             My mum the survivor 
                                                            My mum the giver
                                                           My mum the Joy bringer.

I hope you know we all love you, and we appreciate everything you have done and still do for us.

For you…with love

(P.s You guys are awful)


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