Raa Raa The Annoying Little Lion

My son, the book-worm, has finally found a TV show to watch… and boy do I hate it.

Theo, who is two, was always obsessed with books, particularly The Gruffalo and Peace at Last. We thought it was a great thing that our little boy loved books so much, there’s no way this could be a bad thing right? Come back to me when you have read The Gruffalo over and over, and over, and over, and …over again. It got to the point where I don’t even need to look at the pages anymore, I knew the entire book from memory, COVER TO COVER! It drove me insane. When I closed my eyes I could see that creature with terrible tusks and terrible claws, terrible teeth in his terrible jaws; he has knobbly knees, and turned out toes and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose; his eyes are orange, his tongue is black and he has purple prickles all over his back. It’s going to take years of therapy to cure me.

We bought him a library of books, hoping he will take a shine to a different book, one with no stupid mouse or purple prickled monster. He did, a book called Peace At Last. For months, myself and Elliott were forced to read it at random times in the day, he wouldn’t sleep unless we read it to him. After months of torture we decided it was time he got into a few TV shows. We’re not really TV people ourselves, the TV in our house only served a purpose when we wanted to use the PlayStation. But something has to be done. So I went on the quest of finding the perfect kids cartoon for my little boy. Besides, it would be good for him, teach him how to count, speak better… etc.

At last, he took to one. Just as I thought there was nothing CBeebies could offer him, he took a liking to a little lion, who lives in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. We also managed to get the Gruffalo on DVD. Awesome right? If you have a toddler you already know this was going to end badly, because now he doesn’t stop. Raa Raa is constantly roaring in my ears, him and his annoying friends and their annoying rhymes.

Even Raa Raa is tired of being constantly watched. Poor lion is worn out.

Oh, it gets worse! All we’re allowed to watch now is The Gruffalo and Raa Raa, Raa Raa and The Gruffalo. I liked it better when our TV was off. I’ve tried getting him into other things, but no luck there, he only seems to like movies with lions, or animals he recognises. We managed to get him to like watching Disney’s The Lion King, but I had to put an end to that quickly, there’s no way I’m going to let him ruin that movie for me.

See how invested he is in the  TV

All I can say to the mummies and daddies reading this is simply….good luck. Good luck keeping your sanity with the constant repetition of movies, TV shows and books your children put you through. Hopefully as time goes by he will find something else to drive us all insane with. I wonder what colourful character he will fall in love with next. I’ll tell you this though, I’m not in any hurry to find out.

Happy parenting!

Afromum. 😀

Cover of Peace at Last

Cover of "The Gruffalo"

Cover of The Gruffalo

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