Shepherds Pie!! I’m Gonna Bake You In Hell Tonight!!!

I’ve been a foodie for a while now. Although I’ve been absent from you, (sorry bout that…again), I haven’t been absent from the kitchen. Yes I’m still doing my womanly role in the house. I’m still enjoying playing “house” with Elliott.
It’s fun. I have So much to share with you.

One at a time. I’ll start with the easiest one first.     I baked shepherds pie last night,  and to my surprised it came out rather nice, it looked good and tasted great. So I’m going to share my accidental master piece with you. Maybe it was just luck, but hey Elliott and the kids seemed to like it, and by my knowledge they are still alive, so maybe it’s worth a go.

You will need…

Now lets see….what did I do first….Oh yes!

1. I peeled 10 Potatoes, rinse, shopped and put them in a big pot, added some salt and sliced a whole onion in it, covered and left to cook.

2.  In a frying pan, I browned the mince (beef mince). Once browned I set aside.

3. I chopped two spring onions, fry it in the same frying pan I used to brown the mince. Add chopped peppers, add some frozen mixed veg (pease, sweetcorn and green beans) and fry.

4. Then I added the browned minced beef. Added the tomato purée. Season to your taste. I usually put Oxo beef cubes, Maggie cubes, parsley, mixed herbs, a little curry powder, garlic powder and dried pepper powder.

5. Once the potatoes are nice and soft, drain any remaining water. Add some butter and mash the potatoes, you can do as I did and add chopped brockley and cauliflower in the mash, if you like. Set aside.

6. get your casserole dish out, put the mince in, add what ever else you want to add. In this case I added cucumbers.

E A (Elliott Abi) I don’t care if you think I’m corny :p

Then put your mash on top, smooth the top layers with a wooden spatula.

Love will make you write in your food haha


Then sprinkle on the grated cheese. Leave in the oven for 20-30 minutes. And……


presto!!! It looks pretty good, If I do say so myself :p

If you do decide to try my recipe, let me know how it went, if you added or did anything different.

Hope you enjoy your meal

Bon Apetit!!

Afromum x

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