Madame Gèlè

When it comes to fashion Nigerians love to make an impression. Gèlè is one of the accessories we use to give our outfits that extra UMPH!

Gèlè is Yoruba for head tie. It’s fabric that we wrap around our head. It comes in various colours and designs. You have to have the skill to make it look FABULOUS Some have the talent, some don’t, (sadly I don’t). Lucky for me I know someone who does, and she has kindly given me permission to use some pictures of her “creation” for this post. Her name is Bukky, AKA Bukky Gele. She was given this nickname due to her awesome creativity for wrapping the Gèlès in different and beautiful designs.


She is in most of these pictures, wearing her Gèlè.

If you would like to get in contact with Bukky Gele, you can find her on Facebook. Just type Bukky Gele into the search. I’m sure she would give you a nice fee to make your head ties looks great on your occasion. 😀

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