Abi’s List

You know those days when your bored, then that song pops into your head, the song you loved as a teen, that you sang over and over again, probably drove your friends and family crazy with it. This is one of those songs for me. I absolutely adore this song. I love the lyrics, I love the feel of the song. It just makes me feel good, it’s a feel good,  happy, belch-out-sing-along song.

I know it’s so unexpected of me to have this as one of my all time fav song choice, but we all have that song we still love after years of its release

For me this is one of them

Oh, and can’t forget this song. loved this song.

I am very proud to say that I am one of Coldplay’s many “number one” fans. When I listen to them, they make me feel so relaxed, so carefree, like im a bubble floating through the clouds. They definitely pushed me through some of my unhappy moments in life, and they continue to do so, I’m hoping their new album will be my new feel good album of 2011. but just incase it isn’t, I still have the previous 3, I say 3 because Viva La Vida wasnt as amazing as the previous 3…for me anyway.

If I could I would have all the songs from Coldplay’s

A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coladplay

A Rush Of Blood To The Head - Coladplay

A Rush of Blood To The Head,

parachute- Coldplay


X and Y- Colaplay

…And XandY albums on this post, but that would take too much time, plus I think its illegal lol.

I will however leave you with a few videos. 🙂 Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Abi’s List

  1. Yeah i know those days-Welcome to my Life!

    However, i’m suprised you were not impressed by Viva la vida…I thought it was alright 🙂

    Ps-i liked the honestly of “coldplays’ number one fans”

    • Viva LA Vida was OWWwkay, but it didn’t touch the previous 3, but then again, I didn’t really pay that much attention to it lol. It doesn’t matter though, I’m in awe with Coldplay. Have you herd their latest album?

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