Summer Look Baby.

After spending many hours in the bathroom washing and combing his lush afro mane, Mr Odeh  (future husband….maybe… possibly…still thinking about it lol) AKA HeWhoDoesNotWantToBeNamed, thought it was a fun idea to leave the house yesterday, not telling me where he was going, only that he would be back in two hours, led me to believe he had an amazing surprise for me, instead came back with…


Bag Of Food

No, not that.


Shocked is an understatement for the expression Theo had on his face. The poor boy ran downstairs with excitement when he heard his daddy’s keys jingling in the door, only to meet well….

 this at the door. His big bright ear to ear smile faded into a confused shocked expression.

What about me do you ask? My jaw locked open, seriously I couldn’t move my jaw, it was stuck…thats how shocked I was lol. It took a few minutes to warm up to. But how could he?, how could he get rid of that fro, that sexy, soft, hair full of curly locks?! my questions of plea was answered with a simple, “It’s a summer look babe”. I don’t know what I shall do without his mane, what will I pull on when I’m angry, where is the cushion I rely upon to protect his brainy head when I hit him accidentally on purpose? it’s gone, it’s all gone. Ahh well it will grow back. For now the Mohican looks very cool, I’m liking the new hair, it will take some getting used to for Theo, but I’m sure in time he will see his daddy isn’t his hair.

That’s all for now. Ciao.

3 thoughts on “Summer Look Baby.

  1. OMG I can’t believe it …………………….. pls someone tell me to close my month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, what happened to d lovely hair, this summer has come again ok ooooooooo enjoy d sun while it last

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