Mummy’s Day Out…

…Featuring Daddy and Theo.

Here they are, as promised, a couple of days late, but I’ve still delivered.


I'm Looking colourful and bright, I know, I couldn't let the sun out shine me.

They stole my hat.

Theo is ready for the sunshine, n looking cool in his superman glasses lol.

I don't know why they are both looking at me like that. Too much bow on my hat? naahh, that can't be it.

I want to play "Got your nose"

Keep looking at my drink Theo, I'm not sharing my Rubicon Mango with you.

They never include me in their private jokes 😦

On the way to grandma’s house.

(Elliott’s mum)

You know what that means…

stocking up on food to take back home.

No comment!

The End.

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