Happy Birthday…To You!

Wow I didn’t even notice it had gone past midnight. Which means?..


Yay? Nay. Not really in the birthday mood this year, got too much excitement going on already. So much so that if I were to get even a little bit excited for this day that I’ll probably explode.

What could be more exciting than my birthday you ask?… Well I have a baby coming in a little over 2 weeks, a house to move into and decorate (yay finally getting rid of this stupid flat) oh and my wedding to start planning for soon…ish. So you see, I can’t possibly have enough jolly in me to get excited over something as small as turning another year.

But if its your birthday today too, or you’re celebrating your birthday this month, don’t mind me, be happy, eat, drink and get old lol.

Just kidding.

Have a fantastic day.

Happy birthday,

from yours truly.

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