Oh my, is that the time?!

I was going to write a new post for y’all to read, looking Inside “our” camera, I noticed there were some seemingly average footage I had taken last month on my trip to see my sister in-law, and I thought, it would be a nice way for me to break the ice, after being silence for so long.

Unfortunately (for you), whilst juggling the pain in my stomach, from the baby using me as human target practise, Theo refusing to sleep, trying to find a fresh and “afro-funky” new look for my blog, and the endless children nursery rhymes blasting in my ear drums, I have completely lost track of time, so I’m afraid, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow, to feast your eyes on my beautiful photographic creations.

If you’re still awake at this time (01:06 AM), then it will be something for you to look forward to. 😀

So be sure to skip over to the Magic Moments page, to see the treats I have install for you.

Till tomorrow…sleep well.

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