What do you get when you cross 2 drunk men, a very sharp samurai sword and a bright idea?

Have you guessed it?

OK, I’ll tell you.

………..A chopped off penis!!

Your probably thinking how did I make that equation?

A 61-year-old man (who I won’t name) and his friend got drunk of their face one night, they went back to the friend’s house, after a couple of jokes his obviously intoxicated friend thought it would be a smart idea to take the decoration of the wall and take out a very real and did I mention very, very sharp samurai sword out of its casing.

You know from my punchline above it doesn’t stop there…

Convinced he was a martial arts expert he started swinging the sword around his head; seeing your drunk friend swing a sword around his head is enough to quickly scare the alcohol out of your system, poor Mr X tried to stop his friend from swinging the sword. To his best efforts he thought he had managed to take the sword of his friend before any damage had been done, not knowing that his manhood met the tip of the sword with a sweet gentle kiss. A burning pain in his groin led him to collapse to the floor.

If my friend thought it was a good idea to play with a sword and chop off my right boob I wouldn’t take it lightly, in fact I’d sue for her right boob to be chopped off an sewn onto me loool. Sweet loyal Mr X campaigned for his friend to be released from his 6 year prison sentence over the incident. Of course he’ll have to get a job and work his “penis” off to raise the money to pay for a brand new weener for Mr X. justice is served.

All I can say is Mr X seems to be a good and noble man for forgiving his friend.

He said: “I guess ‘There is nothing I can do to change what has happened – it’s in the past. I just hope now that, by helping him, it will help me”.

Imagine this slicing of your family jewel lol

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