Art at St. Pancras

You think you know a place then you get lost and discover something new and surprisingly beautiful. You are probably thinking I found a new amazing place in an ally somewhere..nope its just good old St. Pancras Station.

Roaming around St.Pancras Station wasn’t my idea of fun, we were looking for the right platform to take us to our destination when we noticed there were engravings of sweet poems on the floor. We followed them, and curiosity led us to a statue of some guy named John Betjeman. Turns out ladies and gentlemen, that this guy John Betjeman saved our beloved King’s Cross back in the day. But enough about him. A little further was this big statue of a couple hugging (well he was hugging her, she was looking at her mobile phone lol) and around them were mini sculptures of different people. Minor as it may seem, it was very well done. Anyhoo… I don’t want to bore you so if you want to find out more about John Betjamen and what he did to earn a statue and his poetry click this link.

Moving on let me get to my point… which was to show off my not so amazing, amazing photography skills.

check out the rest of the pictures I took the Magic Moments page

John Betjeman, taken by Afromum

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