Summer Time

Has the sun finally decided to grace us with its warm rays?! we were in the last 2 weeks of March and finally we have started to see the first signs of sun this year. yaaay there is hope for this freezing cold country after all. I’m sure like myself you have all been tired of having spent hours in front of a mirror, dressing up nicely hoping it would be a decent day then having to run back upstairs and put a big arse coat. No more will we have to suffer the injustice of the cold harsh British weather, the sun is out and so are my flip-flops.

Summer of 09, beautiful summer, boiling hot. what a disaster that was for me. hot bothered and pregnant was I. Not this year, this summer I’m free, free from he giant baby bum, you see by june I would have given birth to my second child, leaving me a couple of good moths of sunny rays and flip-flops.

In fact I’ve already started. Last month the sun was out but it wasnt that warm, that didn’t stop me, I opened the curtains and let the sun shine through the window, with the double glazed windows protecting Theo and I from the cold wind, we lived it up on the other side of the glass, posing with our sunglasses and ice cream.

Its was the last week of March and we were of to the park, Theo got a tricycle for his birthday and after hours of putting it together…myself, it was the perfect opportunity to take it to the park and have a picnic. What a lovely day it was, there was green grass, warm breeze and plenty of dogs around for Theo to chase; after soaking up the sun on the grass, listening to the radio and eating what little food we had in our picnic basket we set of home. Brilliant.

You can check out the pictures of my early start to summer 2011 on the Magic Moment page.

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