Introducing Afromum

I bet your all wondering who this Afromum person is and what happened to Iyatheo…well gentle ladies and men it’s me!!, with a new name…yay!
As much as I like Iyatheo (which means Theo’s mum in Yoruba,…for those of you who don’t know, Yoruba is a language in Nigeria) it was too niche, so I thought of an even cooler name, AFROMUM!!! Nice huh? Thought you might like it. So from now on I shall be known as Afromum and only as Afromum.
So without further ado I bring to you…Afromum.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Afromum

    • Not yet, I have to have an awesome logo to go with the awesome name 1st. If only there was someone with such amazing talent to do one for me…..any suggestions? lol

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