A week apart

It has come to the stage in my hubby and I’s relationship where we feel some time apart might be good for us, as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In an attempt to fix something that’s not broken we set ourselves the challenge to see if we (by “we” I mean him) can handle being apart for a week, that’s right people… a WHOLE WEEK. I know it sounds unbearable but as all couples who have been together for more than 5 minutes know we all need some “me time”.

With Elliott getting piles and piles of uni work he was in need of some much-needed time alone so I thought it would be nice get Theo and myself out of the house for the weekend.

As always my plans don’t work out, purely due to my laziness and secretly my attachment to Elliott.

Two weeks went by and I still hadn’t made my move to leave for the weekend and I started to feel sorry for poor Elliott. So this time I am defiantly going to make a move one Monday morning and go to my aunties for the week. Maybe.

I’m leaving on Monday morning… that’s if I can get out of bed.

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