Miss me?

Dear pretend fans, As you know (if you have noticed), I haven’t been around for the past 7 months. I know I promised never to desert you my dear wonderful, loyal 2 fans but uhhh……uhhmmm…I have a good excuse, I just can’t remember what it was, oh that’s right. Writers block! yeah that’s it! I had writers block…

If I were a writer that would probably be more believable but we all know I’m no Shakespeare. So how about I just tell you in a few words what I’ve been doing whilst I was away instead.

So let’s see, my last post was September..let’s start from there. My amazingly wonderful man asked me to be his corpse bride, and I said “well its about time you asked!” took my ring, Screamed my arse of and called everyone I knew to rub it in their faces.

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Excuse my un-manicured fingers. lol

October..nothing much happened. Oh! I almost forgot…I got pregnant. Yup that’s right, I am yet again with child. Hurray!!


December…my sons first Christmas. I hadn’t been looking forward to it as most parent do. There’s not really much to it, he doesn’t know what’s going on so it means nothing to him…just another day, so I didn’t bother with the decorations and the christmas feat Theo wasn’t able to eat, because then he only had 4 teeth. With his daddy not being around; (he went to his mummies for Xmas) my mum off to Nigeria on holiday and no other family around in Luton there wasn’t much going. It was just my son, my little sister and I alone in the house…with no christmas spirit. Then luckily friend of mine came to Luton by chance on christmas night and was nice enough to drop us at my aunt’s house in east london. There I managed to salvage the few hour left of christmas and had fun with my cousins, aunty and grandma. So all in all we had an all right Christmas, wasn’t anything special.

January came and I was too excited to sit down. Finally my son turned 1, it was a year ago that day I squeezed his beautiful head out and boy did I want to celebrate the anniversary of his birth. It wasn’t exactly how I always envisioned it but it was still a great day. He got a lovely big cake with blue icing wishing him a happy 1st birthday, balloons, banners, family around him and his two fave people (myself and his daddy)…what more can a 1 year old wish for. We snapped pictures, ate food, sang happy birthday, cut cake and went home. Perfect.

February…blahhh…boring month

March…well that was last month, yesterday. And we are up to date.

I shall be popping my little baby in June and uuuhhh that’s about it.So you see, you havent missed much, apart from Theos 1st birthday and me getting knocked up nothing much happened.

I’m not really delivering up to my promise of fun and adventurous day-to-day life am I? Don’t worry I’m still young; Stick with me, I’m sure more exciting things are yet to come.

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