Home sweet Home

It’s amazing what laziness can do to you. Its been two days since my boyfriend has left for work in London, and im still sitting here watching TV.  I Havent eaten for days, I drift in and out of hunger paints, but the pain doesn’t hurt enough for me to go to the kitchen and cook, just enough for me to look at my sons bowl of baby gue that Heinz calls food and envy him. As soon as I forget that I’m hungry my belly rumbles, what can I do?, I don’t want to cook (that takes too much energy), I don’t have cash on me to order food, so what’s my next option…go to mum’s house. There’s no place like home, there’s no food like mummy’s food. Your never to young to go back to mummy’s house, that safe feeling, that sweet aroma of mum’s cooking, there’s nothing in the world like it.

Unless your like me, constantly moved home all through your childhood, and never stayed in once place long enough for you to develop that worm fuzzy feeling. we lived in so many houses, it’s all a blur from london to Birmingham, Birmingham back to London, London to Luton, Luton to London, then London to Ireland, and from Ireland back to Luton. Ffheeew what a journey. At least i got to do some site seeing….all around the UK. 😐

No matter where we are, mum’s cooking always made the house a home. Mmmmm mum’s cooking, I can smell it right now, tasty stew, delicious fried chicken *drooling* oooo im hungry just thinking about it (did I mention I’m in my mom’s house right now?), food, here I come. (2 hours later) where was I? *wiping chicken grease from mouth*  ah yes mum’s home…fun times, good food, good memories…I couldn’t ask for more.

Now im 22, and a mummy, soon to be a wife, it’s now my turn to make a house a home for my children where they can experience their own fuzzy feelings. it would be good for me too, I can use this time to establish some stability in my life, feel that hole in me waiting for those fuzzy feelings.

😀 😀

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