“Don’t spare some change”

Walking down Oxford Street in central London you’re bound to notice a few homeless people here and there. I’m sure like me, you say to your friend “don’t give your money to that homeless guy, for all you know he probably has an Armani suit under those rags and he’ll jump into his Benz whilst your taking the bus“. I have… Big shocker! Who knew I would be right!

Daniel Terry dressed up as a homeless person for over one year, made £50 on a weekday and up to £100 on weekends that’s £23,000 a year, £23,000 pounds?! Teachers and nurses don’t make that much! and they’re working their butts off struggling to make ends meet. Why am I wasting my time trying to get a job, when I could just roll around in mud, tear my cloths up and sit next to HSBC bank. Why are so many people  trying to make an honest living? This guy clearly has the right idea.

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