How rude!

Some people can be so rude. There I was walking down the street this afternoon, minding my own business. Out of no where a car pulls up in front of me, and stops at the traffic lights. I look up from my blackberry, and spotted the car door  on the passenger side of an middle-aged white woman was open. It was clear to me that I had  to do my super motherly duties and inform this woman that her baby’s door wasn’t closed. With my super quick running  skills I dash across the road, risking my life in the traffic, (OK maybe not so much risk my life, it was a still traffic), but anyway…i dash across the road, tapped on the woman’s window and told her “your door on your baby’s side is not closed”. I was shocked to see this woman wave me off, she just turned her head and waved me away. :O what! I felt so embarrassed, I walked away  bbing my friend what just happened, all of a sudden i saw the woman’s door fly open as she drove of. hahahaha it serves you right I though, but I felt so sorry for that poor baby, had her mum not been so snobbish and racist her life wouldn’t have been danger.

4 thoughts on “How rude!

  1. I’m not sure if that counts as racism as she didn’t say anything to you and failed to do anything in response to your appearance. More likely that she was stressed and impatient which led to a bad judgement call on her part.

    • MMM, you do have a point. But I’m convinced she dismissed me simply because she saw my baggy tracksuit bottoms and my hooded jumper and assumed i wanted to either sell her something or steal her car.

  2. i refuse to believe dt a mum can do such a thing…i thot they sd dt motherhood marks the part in a womans life wen she becomes selfless n puts every oda kid b4 hers!!!

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