Natural born thieves?

I like computer games as much as the next nerd, but this is ridiculous. Is it possible to want the next god of war game enough to seal from Toys R Us? These guys think so, Rodney McCreary, Gilberto Matos, Derrella Winfrey and Wilfredo Matos decided paying a few pounds for a couple of games (219 games) wasn’t the cool thing to do, so thy decided to give them selves the 5 finger discount. As if that wasn’t bad enough they got caught! obviously there wasn’t a master mind between the four of them. Did I mention these weren’t young misfits, no, these are full-grown men? shocking!

Sorry Toys R Us, looks like it’s the mummy’s and daddies are the ones you need to look out for, or better yet be unguarded when grown men come in large groups.

Mums hide your children’s toys.

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