I thought I had the fastest growing baby, I stand corrected. Most of you may have already herd of the 10 month old baby boy from China, who is wowing the world right now because of his enormous size. He weighs 20kg which is the size of an average 6 year old. I thought I wanted my son to grow up fast, but not this fast. I feel sorry for his mum having to change his pampers. They haven’t figured out why he is so big yet, but in the meantime no more veggies for Theo.

For more info on the Giant baby visit this link from Sky News


9 thoughts on “GIANT BABY

  1. Hmmm it better for every parent
    To watch their children habit of eating
    And if they see the child is changing
    Then most work on knowing what is causing it.
    As for children growing fast, trust they would.

    Well done good stuff

  2. Thanks babe, that gives me motivation to continue writing xx Im going to stick to it. don’t forget to visit often as ill be posting new things up for you to enjoy x

  3. That’s maaad 😮
    I want to read more about this baby that weighs so much 😮
    What’s the link source b?
    Am sure theo gtting big doe

  4. right! i thought this blog thing was a joke but its actually pretty good. am impressed!
    as for theo, its more like more veggie for him….but the 10 mth old baby….DAMN.

  5. Ermm wat can i really say.i havent heard about this story before.your page is really challenging, it keeps people updated for those that doesnt like listen to news.keep it up xx

  6. i certainly have heard this story on the news bt then the kid had just been born…i guess he survived(just kidding) i feel 4 the mother tho…especially if d kid can’t walk yet.

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