“Don’t Eat That!”

I have to give up my messy ways, since I’ve let another mouth enter my home. This mouth eats everything he finds on the floor. I sit there watching him attempting to devour anything he can get his hands on, and I think to myself, its time, time to pull out the hoover and give this place a spring clean. A little vrrrooom here, and a  little polish there should do the trick, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, I’ve given birth to “the Luton Terror“, no matter what I do I always find him half choking on something. What’s a mum to do? I hope as time goes on and he gets older I would have mastered this whole mum thing. The plan is to become SUPER MUM: the mother formerly known as Iyatheo.

Let’s hope.

8 thoughts on ““Don’t Eat That!”

  1. Being a super mom isn’t a days job….so u just have to take one step at a time and u will sure get there and don’t blame d big boy cos it’s part of growing……winks

    • thanks mide, that’s very sweet of you x don’t forget to come check my blog, ill be posting more stuff for your enjoyment. hope to see you back soon x

  2. You bettr make sure those floor
    Are ever clean so my first cousin baby
    Does not choke on anything or I will get my stick
    Down there. Lol
    Theo stop picking the floor

  3. i think u must av been worse as a kid…so pls giv my theo a break and if u eva av d need to spank him..kindly cast ur mind bk to 1988.lol…m sure u r a grt mom so kop up d good work.

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